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  Solutions for Success

MTR Consulting Services provides a diverse set of strategic consultations  to support leaders, strengthen organizations and build solutions that support navigating today's challenging and diverse global economy successfully. 

Marta T. Rosa, President says: "Acting strategically, staying ahead of needed change, and taking timely action not only stimulates short term success but more important, maintains institutional relevance, engages employees, and communicates brand stability. "

At MTR we want to work with you building solutions for your success!

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Areas of Practice

Strategic Management & Executive Leader consults

Senior executives encounter many challenging situations daily navigating priorities consistently. A savvy leader understands the need for strategy realizing that making decisions matters in order to best impact productivity, ingenuity, team work, and the bottom line. 

A representative leadership board and staff; effective management systems; an efficient organizational structure that takes into account each employee, the target populations served and allows time for creativity/innovation is essential.

Program Development

Changing demographics, government policy changes and new research force organizations to think creatively about programs and services.

Leaders who: stay informed; manage the changing landscape; motivate employees to think; plan for change; act smart; ensure program innovation and relevance achieve success.

Professional journeys consults

Managing your professional journey takes time, effort and diligence. Answering the questions,  "What do I want to be when I grow up?" or "What is next?" is relevant, both, when an individual:  starts out in the work world; after years of service in a particular industry; or when interests shift.

Individuals often reach a crossroads in their professional journey, interests change, life happens and change is inevitable. Acknowledging that change is taking place is the first step toward building a personal strategic plan for success.

facilitation services

Weather you are convening a community forum, employee retreat, or management strategic thinking session it is best to be prepared in order to: develop thoughtful, timely strategies; ask  the right questions; and plan for having the best people in the room.  

Proper preparation is central to ensure you have an effective planning retreat, meeting or strategic discussion with your team.  

diversity & Inclusion planning

Intentionality is key in order to engage today's global markets. Diverse populations are attracted to organizations that pay attention to: changing  demographics and understand intersectionality, equity, race and gender  implications in the workplace and beyond.

It is not enough to want to do 'the right thing.' Organizations need an intentional plan.

Constituency Engagement

Government, community and diverse constituents, all impact an organization and its market. Being aware and strategic is core to reaching your audiences. Having an intentional engagement plan is fundamental.

Communicating and engaging with all stakeholders can be challenging but it has to be on the MUST DO list!

Identifying strategic partners can lead to growth, innovation and expansion of purpose and services.

Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers.
— Robin S. Sharma

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