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New Year-New Beginnings: A Chance to Let Go. Reach. Embrace

I don’t know about you, but I love the beginning of a new year. Letting go of what has been and feeling free to reach for and embrace a fresh start. Think of it as having been handed a clean slateWhat are those things that you wish were different? Are there behaviors that need reinvention? Are there some folks with whom you want to disengage from and others with whom you wish to reconnect?

There are so many questions to help us assess and rediscover who we are, where we are going and with whom. The end of the year gives us this opportunity to:

➢ Rediscover

➢ Reflect

➢ Reaffirm

➢ Reinvent

➢ Revisit

➢ Reconnect

Let's take a closer look at these six powerful words, their definitions and potential impact when we care enough to seriously consider our path.

REDISCOVER- to discover (something forgotten or ignored) again. There may be things you had in your life that were positive; things that gave you joy and pride. Things you made time for at one time that in rediscovery you realize you miss. What are they? Is it worth exploring a return?

REFLECT- to give serious thought or consideration-January is a good time to consider parts of your life that progressed well and others that need attention. Take time for a serious self-study. What would you change? What would you choose to alter? 

REAFFIRM-to state again as a fact; assert again stronglyThere are many things that work well but given busy lives we forget to celebrate; it is much easier to focus on the negative. What is it that you are proud of about yourself? What are things you want to make sure do not change? Is this the year to strengthen your faith, values, believes, commitmentsand life priorities?

REINVENT- change (something) so much that it appears to be entirely new. Change is a word talked about a lot; aword that can be scary but also a word that yields excitement. What do you want to reinvent; is it your job, body, home, relationships, space or anything else? How will you do it? What is your plan? 

REVISIT-to come back to or visit againSome unpleasant things that happen to us in life are best left in the past. But, we learn when we can revisit the experiences forgiving ourselves and always moving forward. ‘A wise person once said a life without mistakes is a life full of wasted opportunities. Making mistakes is part of growing and learning. Ask yourself, what have I learned? What experiences are worth revisiting? 

RECONNECT-to connect back togetherMany people and places come and go from our lives. Some bring us good experiences, some not so good ones. What are those positive people and places that you need to reconnect with this year? What has been lost that you feel a longing for, perhaps it is a person or a place that brought you joy and peace, is it time to reconnect?

This year create a strategic plan for your life. Maybe you have wanted to change your finances or your career or your space or maybe it’s your spiritual self that needs attention.

There is no better time then the beginning of a brand new year to rediscover ourselves, assess our journey and makenecessary changes to improve our path. 


Marta Rosa