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Strategic Management & Executive Leader Consults/ Diversity & Inclusion Planning/Constituency & Community Engagement/Program Development/Professional Journey Consults

MTR Consulting Services provides a diverse set of management and development related services to strengthen organizations and support leaders in navigating today's challenging global economy.

Marta T. Rosa, President says: "Acting strategically  and staying ahead of needed change, not only stimulates short term success but more important, maintains institutional relevance, engages employees, and communicates brand stability. "

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  • Strategic Management & Executive Leader Consults
    • Senior executives have challenging positions with multiple priorities needing their undivided attention at all times.  A well development organizational structure and effective management systems work to support priorities while allowing time for creativity.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Planning
    • Today's diverse populations require intentional attention; organizations depend on reaching customers/clients efficiently. Intentionality is key!
  •  Constituency and Community Engagement
    • Government, community and diverse constituents, all impact an organization. Communicating and engaging with all stakeholders can be challenging. Being aware and strategic is core to reaching all audiences. Having a plan is fundamental to success. 
  • Program Development
    • Demographics, government policy changes, new research force organizations to think creatively about programs and services; it is critical that leaders stay connected and motivate employees to think, plan and act smart to ensure program innovation.
  •   Professional Journeys Consults
    • Many individuals reach a crossroads in their professional journey, life happens and interests may shift. Acknowledging change is taking place is the first step followed by and building a personal strategy plan for success.

    MTR offers customized rates; flexibility;  ingenuity

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    “Marta is a smart, savvy trusted C-Suite advisor.  An innovative values-based leader, who leads with integrity, vision, and compassion.”
     “Marta is never afraid to take on challenge; a strategic thinker which is so critical especially when  you’re launching efforts that are “bold, innovative and outside the box”. You can trust her to represent  both you and your institution.”
     “Adept at both creating strategy and then implementing it successfully. She has a successful track  record of change management inclusion and engagement of multiply target audiences.”

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