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Like the ocean, life comes in waves; sometimes still, other times tumultuous. But always beautiful.

Like the ocean, life comes in waves; sometimes still, other times tumultuous. But always beautiful.

Life lessons, who needs them? Life is full of transitions with Peaks and Valleys. And, like the waves of the ocean there is calm and serenity at times followed by tempestuous, intense uproar. When the peaks in your professional life are coupled with valleys in your personal life it can be unnerving but extremely satisfying to have one area of your life moving in a positive direction. This balance may give you strength to carry on.  But most challenging is when both your professional and personal lives are either peaking at the same time or seemingly stuck in a valley. Both situations can either be hectic, fast paced and/or frustrating. So, how do then can we respond to both the peaks and the valleys?

I believe that the secret is simple: Is is only Balance that wins if you are aware enough to realize that the valleys inform the peak times and vice versa. If this is so, then the other word that comes to mind is Patience.  Regardless of weather you are facing a peak or a valley today, ask yourself a few quick questions:

·      Can you be patient enough to learn from the valleys?

·      Can you hold on to the feeling of the peaks?

·      Can both the peaks and the valleys open doors of opportunity? And, if so how do you           best  acknowledge and act on those opportunities so you do not miss them?

Consider this: The valleys as well as the peaks teach us a few important lessons that help both our personal as well as our professional lives. For example, when you find yourself in the Valley you find out:

·      Who really supports you

·      That you do have inner strength and courage

·      Your capacity, value and tolerance

·      Who appreciates you for being you and not what you can do for them

·      That from challenges great opportunities arise

The Peaks also teach some important lessons including:

·      The need for sharing success

·      Valuing team work and the contributions of individual team members

·      Being resourceful and keeping an open mind to new concepts and ideas

·      Managing multiple priorities

·      Focusing on the end goal/outcome

Both these experiences, peaks and valleys, are learning opportunities. If you have an open mind and consider yourself a life long learner you will develop an appreciation for both circumstances. In the end you will be RICHER!

Marta Rosa