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Remember the days when people stayed in their profession/position until their retirement? And, employers made guarantees that a pension would follow all those years of commitment and hard work. Well that is just not the case any longer. A situation leaving employees to seek new alternatives ways to stay relevant; to support themselves; to add value. And, by the way, does anyone really ever retire?

I just read an article about the changing landscape for adult professionals age fifty plus. The writer says that many workers entering their fifties look for avenues to reinvent themselves setting a new path for their careers and new life experiences. Many believe that no longer are careers extended through to retirement. Instead today people are redefining themselves, seeking new interests, revisiting old passions or exploring new challenges and opportunities.

The article makes the case that age fifty plus has become a time for rejuvenation and reinvention of oneself. Remember when companies removed their commitment to employees by dissolving pension plans, divesting employee benefits and restructuring in efforts to access new energy.  It was probably the experience of instability in work places coupled with technological advances and people living longer that has propelled this paradigm shift.

I say, welcome rejuvenation with open arms. About a year and a half ago I began a journey of personal rediscovery.  No longer very passionate about my work I sought new opportunities. It has been an interesting period of reconnecting with my spirit, interests and passions. It is a gift to be on a path that allows you to fulfill your purpose. Seeking new venues to ensure your continued success and trying something new can be exhilarating as well as scary at the same time. But--Why Not? Life is too short and leaving our future to chance is not a good choice.

At least for me, living a life of should of, could of, would of-is not an option! I am a strong proponent of embracing change, confronting life challenges head on and in so doing controlling our own destiny. 

What do you think 50 plus year olds? Have you changed careers lately? Have you reconnected with a lost passion?

The sky is the limit at any age--All you have to do is embrace yourself--Take the next step! 



Marta Rosa