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Path Toward New Beginnings!

Path Toward New Beginnings!

Those who know me, know that I reflect on my life in decades. It makes the journey more formal, more fun. I will not lie it has been a bit intriguing planning the start of my sixth decade on this people planet. And, since it is the beginning of the year I am focused on new beginnings.

Above all I always thank God: I have been so very blessed with excellent relationships, family, a few good friends and a lot of personal and professional accomplishments. None of it came easy; there have been lots of challenges along the way. But, being someone that sees an opportunity within every challenge I have learned from and overcome failures, illnesses, and disappointments celebrating victories large and small along the way. I have no regrets as I enter a new season of life-a new beginning.

As I write this blog, I am reminded that each day is a gift, a blessing from the most high to be cherished. And, every person comes into our lives for a season with a specific purpose; at some point they move on allowing others to enter the stage. Think about how many colleagues, friends, family members, significant influencers have come into the various seasons of your life. If you dig a little deeper you will realize that even the negative ones served a good purpose. Perhaps it made you grow professionally, stretch your thinking or maybe you learned something about yourself. Each encounter provides us with a valuable learning opportunity.

Intriguingly for me, I am drawn to difficult personalities; mostly complicated, brilliant people who have helped me stretch professionally and personally. Each person leaving his or her mark good, bad or indifferent.  Some I will remember forever, others have been forgotten in an instant.

Today as I look out at the beautiful snowstorm that has covered everything in white, I took a mental walk through my life decades. Sharing with you in hopes to motivate you to take a closer look at your own life decades and the inherent blessings. Walk with me through:

  • The Early years: Learning years where school, home, church, teen idols and friendships were priority.
  • The 20s: Building years, focused on building my faith, family and career.
  • The 30s: Productive years focused on Family; Community; Politics/Elected Office; National Work; Policy; Advocacy and Leadership.
  • The 40s: Reflective years, focused on reassessing priorities, reengaging my spirituality, transitioning career and refining my leadership, and influence.
  • The 50s: Restructuring years, where maturity, balance, health, time, and my faith became center stage. International travel, systems development, self-preservation, redefinition, new learning and change were constant.

I have not thought of a title yet for my current decade but it will come to me as I live it engaging in: further learning, new work/business, play, deeper faith and family fun activities. It is sobering to take a morning such as today to celebrate the blessing that is life.  Throughout the decades I honor those who stood by me, pushed me, challenged me and supported me.  Wow it’s been a wonderful life thus far, filled with valuable relationships and experiences. On to New Beginnings!

What about you? How do you structure your life years? What do you remember as most influential? Who contributed? What are you looking forward to?

Marta Rosa